Shad Gaspard Calls Lance Cade A Backstabber, Talks TNA & More


Final Bell Radio Recap with Shad Gaspard
Host: Agahzi Giorgis
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What caused heat between Cryme Tyme and the team of Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch: “Well, I mean, anybody who knows Lance Cade God rest the guy’s soul. Lance was a great guy personally. Great father to his kids, great guy to hang out with and chill with. Lance Cade the person and Lance Cade the wrestler are two totally different people. Lance Cade the person is a guy that I would fight for in a bar. Lance Cade the wrestler is a guy that would stab me in the back, stab me in the gut, and who has stabbed several of his friends to keep his career going. That’s what he was taught to do, so that’s what he did.”

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His pay-per-view match with JTG and how it affected his push: “The outcome at the pay per view match kinda got messed up because we weren’t given information that was vital to our match. It’s one of those things where certain people don’t give you information for good reason in their opinion. And the good reason is, the pay-per-view match would have put me over big and would have set off a chain of events that would have led to me being number one contender for the WWE title eventually but certain people decided not to chime in and tell me what was going to happen in the match.”

Whether he’s talked to TNA: “I’ve talked to several wrestlers that work for TNA about me coming over. I was actually supposed to go to TNA show a couple of times with a friends of mine but I was still with the company(WWE) so I didn’t want to have a Highlander moment… I like TNA but I’d want to do something different if I came to TNA. I would want to make a boom rather than be like everybody else.”

Name association:

Shawn Michaels: “Ha (chuckles)….that’s about it.”

John Cena: “Ha (chuckles).”

Chris Jericho: “My mentor and my brother.”

Vince McMahon: “Workhorse.”

Other topics include the house show incident with Cade and Murdoch that got Cryme Tyme released, deciding to audition for Tough Enough, Cryme Tyme’s participation in Lita‘s sendoff, who came up with the Cryme Tyme gimmick, whether he was really pulled from a Royal Rumble match, and how he figured out that he and JTG wouldn’t be getting the tag team titles.