Ted DiBiase Talks Travel, Dealing With Injuries, His Brother


To help promote next Sunday’s Raw live event at the Covelli Centre in Youngstown, Ohio, Valley24.com conducted an interview with WWE star Ted DiBiase, Jr. The son of “The Million Dollar Man” discussed the toll of traveling throughout the world on a weekly basis, the strain of injuries, WWE‘s attitude towards injuries, and more.

When asked how often he is on the road, DiBiase said ‘it’s most of the time’.

“I think the correct answer is a minimum of 257 days a year and I believe it’s actually really more than that,” he said. “It’s most of the time.”

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He was also asked about the possibility of his brother, WWE developmental wrestler Brett DiBiase, joining NXT at some point.

“That’s actually out of my control. It very well could happen,” he replied. “If you see him there, you’ll see him on RAW or Smackdown but we’ll definitely see him soon, eventually, I would predict.

“He’s a talented and he’s dying to get up here. He’s ready.”

In regards to WWE‘s attitude towards injuries suffered by wrestlers, he feels it’s excellent.

WWE does an excellent job especially in the area of head injuries, as far as concussions. I know I was actually slapped in the face one night and it knocked me out. I had a mild concussion and they would not let me wrestle for three weeks to a month. I did other things in the show, but they wouldn’t let me perform in the ring. That’s the thing, as a company, we take very serious now. We go through a lot of steps, a lot of tests and stuff and we have our doctors who are certified to handle us and make the call.

“We’re taken care of.”

The interview can be accessed here.