Video Of Cena Squatting 545 Pounds, Sheamus-Bono, Ryan

Advertisement has added Mason Ryan to their Raw Superstars page. CM Punk officially introduced Ryan as the newest member of The Nexus last night on Raw.

The Star-Ledger has a story on Sheamus’ prior employment as the bodyguard of U2 front man Bono. The U2 bandmates would frequent the Lily’s Bordello pub in Dublin, Ireland, where the future WWE star worked.

“He came in all the time. It was his favorite spot when he got off tour because he wouldn’t get hassled,” Sheamus recalls. “He was a really cool guy, and took time to say hello to everybody.”

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— This one has to be seen to be believed .. Check out this video of John Cena squatting 545 pounds 3 times prior to WWE RAW a few weeks ago ..