Former WWE Writer Talks About Sting At WrestleMania


Former WWE writer Dave Lagana has updated his blog at with some thoughts about the recent buzz about Sting possibly heading to WWE. Lagana hypes the idea of a potential Sting vs. Undertaker dream match and reveals that Sting was actually very close to signing with WWE to wrestle at WrestleMania 18. Here are some highlights of what Lagana wrote about:

“Wrestlemania 27 is in Atlanta, GA; the former home of Ted Turner’s WCW.  Could Sting be another name to go along with Shawn Michaels into the Hall of Fame?  Is there money in Sting wrestling at Wrestlemania for the very first time?  Is Sting vs. Undertaker the kind of attraction that will excite fans just like the idea of Lesnar vs. Undertaker?”

Sting at Wrestlemania almost happened nine years ago.   Wrestlemania 18 will always be remembered for the memorable Hogan vs. Rock battle in Toronto.  That event also featured Triple H winning the undisputed World Title from Chris Jericho and Steve Austin facing NWO Scott Hall (w/Kevin Nash).  Sting was approached that year to make his WWE debut and wrestle on the big event.  Once he was introduced to the brand, it was pitched that at Wrestlemania 18 Sting would face Kurt Angle.  If you remember, Kurt was eventually thrown into a match with Kane with little setup.  The deal apparently fell apart as Sting wasn’t willing to work the full WWE schedule.  Now nine years later, we might finally get to see Sting in WWE.”

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I’m the biggest proponent of pushing new talent in high profile positions.  I see Wade Barrett as one of the shining stars of WWE in 2010.  The table is set very nicely for new talents to be featured in main events of Wrestlemania this year with Alberto Del Rio and Miz.  But what is lacking that “big fight dream match” to attracts casual fans.  Last year we had Vince McMahon vs. Bret Hart and Undertaker vs. HBK “Streak vs. Career”; previous years featured Floyd Mayweather vs. Big Show, and Trump vs. McMahon.   Based on the buzz off this simple 45-second video, the fans are voicing their opinion on what they want out of Wrestlemania 27.  I don’t have any answers but we will all find out on 2/21/11.  Ask yourself – is Sting vs. Undertaker the dream match you want for this year’s Wrestlemania?”

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