Goldust Responds To Ric Flair’s Money Claims About Him


Over the weekend, wrestling journalist Mike Mooneyham reported that Ric Flair was owed big money by TNA and his recent “incident” on the European tour came after Flair demanded a cash advance from the company due to the money he was owed. Flair reportedly used Dustin Rhodes (Goldust) as one of the reasons TNA should pay him, since he claimed TNA would advance money to Dustin Rhodes back when he worked for the company.

Goldust responded to the report on his Twitter with the following:

“Wanna clear this up….a wrestling website is saying I used to get advances on my pay while at the other….well I did not…enough said.”

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So either Flair was misinformed, or Goldust is mistaken .. Based on the stories of drug abuse during his time in TNA that Goldust wrote in his new book “Cross Rhodes,” there is reason to believe that his memory regarding the events at that time is a bit foggy.