MITB At WrestleMania?, Husky Harris’ Future In Nexus


– After WWE introduced the new Money In The Bank gimmick pay-per-view last year, many have been wondering whether that spelled the end of MITB at WrestleMania. A WWE source has informed us that the match will take place at WrestleMania as in previous years.

– Following Randy Orton‘s punt kick to Husky Harris on RAW, the WWE website is reporting that Harris is out of action indefinitely. CM Punk will addresss the situation on next week’s RAW.

As for what this means for Husky Harris, we’ve heard that despite his talent, WWE officials are not wild about his size and look. WWE is planning a Corre vs. Nexus 3-on-3 match for WrestleMania – and his involvement in that match is questionable at best.

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