The Pope Talks About TNA vs. WWE, Samoa Joe Fued


TNA star “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero recently spoke to The UK Sun newspaper and had this to say about the following topics:

Elijah Burke (WWE) vs. D’Angelo Dinero (TNA):

“It all comes down to the promoting of one’s character. That doesn’t just involve the person themselves, but it involves the company, as well, that the individual is wrestling for. That plays a big part in what works and what doesn’t work.¬†You watch the company up north and they will take a character and shove it down your throat. They tell you ‘this is what we want to work so you’re going to cheer or you’re going to boo’.

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Who remembers Elijah Burke but a diehard fan? Pope has become far more known than Elijah Burke ever was in the three years he was with WWE. What does that say about self-promoting? What does that say about TNA’s promoting?”

Feuding With Samoa Joe:

“I want you to keep a close eye on this situation. I’m going to show how it’s going to be THE feud to watch in all of wrestling. You got Pope – I mean, you got POPE – then you got Joe. You got the Samoan Submission Machine, the guy is a monster in the ring, with his aggression and everything.

Pope will handle all the juckin’ and jivin’, pimpin’ and the ridin’. Pope will handle all the talking, the charismatic features and abilities that should be applied in the ring. Pope is going to handle all the showboating. Joe’s going to handle the rest. I think it’s going to be a great complement to each other, being that we’re both so different. When we get in the ring, magic is going to happen.”