Update On WWE Signing Mistico, Nash Gives Dixie Carter Advice


– As previously reported, WWE has finally signed Mexican lucha libre star after several years of on-and-off talks. According to SuperLuchas.net, the huge push that WWE is giving Alberto Del Rio was one of the major factors that led Mistico to pull the trigger on joining WWE. Mistico has said publicly that he wishes he would have signed with WWE when he first had a chance to back in 2007.

Mistico, one of the top babyface stars in Mexico, is eager to make a name for himself in WWE, which will give his character the most exposure its ever received by a long shot. WWE has been expanding its presence in Mexico in recent years and especially with Rey Mysterio‘s career winding down in the next year or two, the time was right for both sides to make a deal.

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– Kevin Nash has been very active on Twitter this week, answering lots of questions about why he decided to leave TNA for good and re-sign with World Wrestling Entertainment. On Wednesday night, Nash offered some advice to TNA President Dixie Carter, writing:

“My 1st priority is WWE. Whatever they need and want me to do, I will. Vince brought me back. Boston crowd showed me the love. I bleed WWE!

I’m not kissing Vince’s ass. I’m thanking him for letting me go out the way I feel I deserve to. Ever have a dream come true? I just did.

When wcw took over the WWE for the short time we did, it’s bc Ted Turner paid HUGE $ for talent. Wanna put tna on the map, Mrs. Carter? Set aside $50m. Start with Cena and work backwards. Don’t walk into a Mercedes showroom and ask what new AMG S-63 I can buy for $25K.”