Jim Cornette Speaks On His Hatred For Kevin Steen, Bad WWE Booking, Kevin Dunn


The following are highlights of a recent Ask Me Anything Reddit chat with legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette:

On if he’s spoken to Ed Ferrara since his “Oklahoma” parody character on Jim Ross: “I saw him in Nashville in 2002–I had promised the promoter I wouldn’t punch him, but I didn’t promise I wouldn’t try to get HIM to punch ME first–I told him what I thought of him for doing that to JR and I spit in his face in front of 30 witnesses, and the gutless pussy did nothing. That’s what he deserved for making fun of a near career-ending disability suffered by a guy who has more talent in his finger than Ferrara in his whole body, he should have never been allowed in our business in the first place. If anyone sees him, tell him Jim Cornette STILL says he’s a gutless sack of shit.”

On his thoughts on Colt Cabana: “Colt is a fine mid-card wrestler, an average look and an oK at best promo, he was perfect for WWE and I have to assume he pissed someone off there–he was NOT a fit for ROH as we were trying to present an athletic, serious, credible style of pro wrestling and funny doesn’t draw money. We didn’t offer him a contract because he didn’t fit those plans, and he has made a big deal out of it, we never said this publicly until he made it an issue-personally, I don’t think his comedy is funny and I don’t think anyone trying to make a career in pro wrestling should make fun of it at the same time, a la his bullshit “$5 wrestling” with the asshole who runs Highspots. I have no use for that type of horseshit.”

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On why Kevin Steen hates him so much: “Because I got him a raise, a contract renewal, Visa paid for, a 9 month undefeated run with the World Title and tons of TV time, even after he refused to lose weight to get the spot, so you tell me.”

On his thoughts of WWE deciding to air Chris Benoit footage on the WWE Network: “He was a great talent, a wonderful friend and a fine human being who for some reason or combination of reasons went insane and did horrible, unforgiveable things in the last two days of his life–you can’t erase him from history, but if anyone would confront it we might learn something to prevent it from happening again.”

On Kevin Dunn: “I don’t think about Kevin Dunn, the wrestling fan’s worst enemy, so I can sleep at night–I take comfort in the fact that ebveryone else who knows him hates him too.”

On the worst booking decisions ever: “The Brawl for All tied with Austin hugging McMahon at WM17 that led to the collapse of the entire business.”

Check out more of Jim Cornette‘s A.M.A. chat at Reddit.com.

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