WWE RAW Results – May 26, 2014


After The Match: Cesaro Attacks, Heyman Talks Smack

After the victory, Sheamus hears a unique voice announcing his win on the house mic. The camera pans over and we see that it’s Paul Heyman. Heyman, of course, brags about his client breaking The Undertaker‘s streak at WrestleMania. He continues to babble, distracting Sheamus, allowing Cesaro to attack him from behind. Cesaro goes on to beat him down for a solid minute or two. After that, we head to another commercial break.

Contract Signing: The Shield & Evolution

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When we return from commercial, Michael Cole is standing in a ring with a table and a bunch of chairs set up. It’s time for the contract signing for the match at this Sunday’s Payback between The Shield and Evolution. Before Cole can even fully introduce The Shield, their music hits and they make their way to the ring through the crowd.

Dean Ambrose starts things off on the mic. Then, Seth Rollins talks. During both speeches, The Shield members throw every single chair, as well as the table itself, out of the ring. From there, Evolution’s theme music plays and out walks Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista.

As Evolution makes their way to the ring, Triple H — in detail — explains to The Shield why them signing the contract tonight to face them this Sunday at Payback is them signing the papers that guarantees we have seen the last of The Shield on WWE RAW. A “hounds of justice” chant breaks out as The Shield members, one-by-one, sign the contract.

Reigns signs it last and throws the contract and pen out of the ring and on the floor. Triple H picks it up and one-by-one, all of the members of Evolution sign the contract. Afterwards, HHH goes to verbally intimidate The Shield some more, but Reigns immediately cuts him off and says, “Just shut up. Get in the ring and fight.”

Evolution hops up onto the apron, as The Shield members get in a fight stance. Evolution pauses on the apron, but eventually comes into the ring. All six guys immediately go at it as the fans in Knoxville break out into a “this is awesome” chant. The Shield starts to get the upper-hand, however HHH uses a sledgehammer to give Evolution the offensive advantage in this brawl.

After beating down each member of The Shield with a sledgehammer, Triple H, along with Orton and Batista, set Reigns up for a triple-powerbomb through the announce table. The hit it, putting Reigns through the table in violent-fashion. HHH grabs the sledgehammer again as he and the other members of Evolution stand over a beaten down Roman Reigns to end the WWE Payback “go-home” edition of RAW.