NJPW Announces “New Japan World” Service, Their Version Of The WWE Network


New Japan Pro Wrestling held a live press conference this morning, announcing the unveiling of their own streaming service, “New Japan World,” which is basically their version of the WWE Network.

The cost of the service, which is available worldwide, is 999 yen per month, which comes out to around $8.40 per month in the United States, $9.60 in Canada and 5.38 in pounds.

Their network will carry all of their major shows, including the four or five big monthly shows that used to air on pay-per-view, the G-1 Tag League finals next weekend, and the big Tokyo Dome event, which in a sense undercuts Global Force Wrestling, who are offering the show via pay-per-view in America at a much higher rate (although on the NJPW Network service, it will only be in Japanese, not the Jim Ross commentary).

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