Backstage News On WWE Still Being Perceived As “Trashy” Among Advertisers


Regarding the perception of WWE in the advertising world right now, an executive who works in television ad sales and was working with Dodge recently said that the company bought time on shows that underperformed in the ratings, so they were owed “make good spots” on the station.

It was suggested to representatives that since the ads were essentially free at this point, to run them during WWE RAW, as the show draws well in the 18-49 demo, which is the demo that buys cars. The advertiser, when given the suggestion, first said that WWE would not be something that their company would ever purchase time from.

It was told to the reps that WWE has changed their image to become more advertiser friendly. The person then reportedly said, “I do understand that, but WWE doesn’t make sense for Dodge Dart. WWE is very trashy and not appropriate for our target.”

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(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)