Tyrus Praises Donald Trump On Fox News


44-year old George Murdoch is an occasional political commentator for Fox News. Wrestling fans are more familiar with Murdoch by either the name Tyrus or Brodus Clay however.

Recently Murdoch was a guest on a right-leaning political discussion show, offering his opinion on the recent attacks on Syria. President Trump authorized the use of missiles in response to the Syrian government’s recent use of chemical weapons on civilians. Such attacks are in defiance of the Geneva Protocol (an international treaty that outlaws the use of gases and chemical weapons).

Tyrus’ Wrestling Career

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When Murdoch isn’t backing up outspoken and polarizing figures on Fox News, he is the bodyguard for Eli Drake on Impact. Most recently, Tyrus was on the losing end of Impact’s 8-man tag main event last week.

Previously, Drake and Tyrus were knocked down a peg in Impact’s tag division after losing to Laredo Kid and Garza 2 weeks ago.