Backstage News On Who Was Responsible For The Revival Of Starrcade


According to Pwinsider, Former SmackDown Head Writer Michael Hayes was the man responsible for the revival of WCW’s Starrcade event this past weekend.

He was the person who first noticed that WWE will be running Live Event from Greensboro over the Thanksgiving weekend. Realising the importance of the timing, he pitched the idea to revive the Starrcade name for the show.

Michael pitched the idea to Vince McMahon back in June this year and the event was announced several months later after the approval of the Boss.

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The show was written by Hayes as well and he wrote the event “with an eye on paying tribute to names who were important to the market during the Jim Crockett Promotions era and with throwback graphics for the show.”

A lot of people were unhappy because the show didn’t air on WWE Network but it was never slated as a Network special and instead it was produced as a Live Event.

Though the company did film it with several cameras like they usually do for every Live Event. So they have it in their archive and it can be offered as an extra on the Network somewhere down the line.

The Starrcade event was considered a success as the market reacted to it as something special and business saw a ‘huge bump’ compared to previous events in the Greensboro area.

It garnered a lot of attention on Social Media as well. Officials saw a far higher response to Starrcade on Social sites compared to a typical Live Event and according to the site, there are already talks within the company about doing it again next year.