Billy Corgan On His Lawsuit Against Anthem, Reacts To Rockstar Spud’s Departure From Impact Wrestling


Billy Corgan recently appeared on Sean Waltman’s podcast, X-Pac12360, to talk about various topics. Here are the highlights:

Owning the NWA:

“What I love about wrestling is that it really has an unlimited schedule creativity, and who you work with and the ideas that they have. I’m very excited about the future of wrestling and NWA because I have nobody standing in my way with my crazy ideas.”

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Rockstar Spud’s departure from Impact Wrestling:

“First off, I can’t believe they let him go. He’s one of the most talented people, literally can do anything. Let’s set aside his size, he’s obviously not a big guy but beyond his size. There isn’t anything he can’t do, he’s a great talker, ring technician he can put together a great match. Any spot you put him in. He really is a super talented guy.”

His lawsuit against Anthem:

“It gets super complicated with the lawsuit that I had filed because at that point anthem was on some sort of side of the fence, representing the interest of their own at that time. They were a minority owner called this company air-lux who was doing production and then Dixie Carter. Not saying they lined up against me with the lawsuit to be made to go away but it was anthem who settled the suit since they were taking over the company.”