Daniel Bryan Takes The #OneChipChallenge (Video), New Bullet Club Member, Yeaton


– Earlier this week video game journalist Dan Ryckert challenged SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan to take the #OneChipChallenge. For those who are unfamiliar, the challenge involves eating a Paqui tortilla chip, which is made with very spicy ghost pepper and California Reaper peppers. Bryan joked, “If I can’t handle it, I’m not a real man.”

Both men ate a chip and the results were hilarious. Daniel Bryan sat there cool and comfortable while Ryckert lost it, coughing in pain and in disbelief that Bryan was unfazed. Bryan refused a drink of [dairy free] Muscle Milk afterwards said he felt so good that he did a cartwheel on the table they were sitting at. Check out the video:

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– Longtime WWE timekeeper Mark Yeaton tweeted the following on Friday, noting that he “doesn’t miss that place at all” after leaving the company 3 years ago.

– The Bullet Club has established a new ‘chapter’ in Australia and inducted Gino ‘Juicy’ Gambino as the newest member.