David Otunga & Jennifer Hudson Restraining Order/Custody Battle Update


Jennifer Hudson has dropped her restraining order on David Otunga and the courts have granted him custody of the couple’s son. The ruling is only part of a temporary agreement, however.

Hudson had filed a restraining order against David, which prevented him from seeing his son. She has now voluntarily withdrawn the order and the court has granted him custody for the time being. A permanent custody arrangement still needs to be determined, however.


David Otunga and Jennifer Hudson Split

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Otunga is accusing Hudson of having an affair with one of her producers. Despite having been together nearly a decade, Otunga and Hudson never officially tied the knot. They will have to go through proceedings in regards to a permanent custody agreement and child support for their son, however.

Jennifer Hudson’s net worth is currently estimated at $20 million whereas Otunga’s net worth is estimated at half of that.