Heath Slater On If He Still Talks To The Other 3MB Members


The One Man Band Heath Slater recently appeared on the WrestlingInc podcast and talked about his former partners Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre among other things. Below are some of the highlights of his interview:

If he still talks to his partners from 3MB, Jinder Mahal, and Drew McIntyre:

“We text each other here and there but it’s not like we talk to each other everyday. Every time we talk, we just pick up and leave off like we never stopped talking, that type of deal. We were on the road together for two years straight, and I love them all to death, Drew is back and Jinder is back killing it still. I’m sure something will happen where he will get another shot. It’s just one of those things where I am happy for them. I’m genuinely happy for them.”

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His current tag team partner Rhyno:

“He’s a road warrior man. He always wants to drive, and drive all the way, He is a night owl. We watch documentaries together; he’s one hell of a guy. A great dude.”

His top three favorite matches in WWE:

“Three off the top of my head; Nexus vs. WWE at SummerSlam, which we should have won. Mine and Rhyno’s match against the Usos when we won the Tag Team titles. Just because the storyline was good and people were behind it. The roof had blew off when we won, which was a very chill bump moment, And then probably the Money in the Bank one that I was in, just because I had always wanted to be in another one and I haven’t been. I just love climbing ladders and doing crazy stuff so probably those three. I haven’t watched those back in God knows how long.”

The wrestling school he is in the process of opening:

“I want to teach the total package. I want you to be able to go out there and cut a promo on anything. I want you to be able to have a gimmick and feel comfortable with it to make it work. I want you to learn everything you can learn because I am still learning, but I have a lot that I have learned and that I can teach, so it’s one of those things where I am trying to always get the best out of whoever walks into that school, period, That is just the bottom line. I am the type of guy that shoots from the hip, so if you are doing something wrong just take good criticism because I will let you know who you are. I don’t want someone to keep doing something wrong and they get a handle with it so they keep doing it, but it’s the wrong way of doing it. You have to have thick skin in the business. I am trying to make sure everyone is ready for WWE, or NXT and all of that stuff. If you are not ready to go there and pick things up, I can make sure to give you some pointers if you want to come to Face 2 Face.”