Matt Morgan Wins City Commission Election In Florida


Former WWE Superstar Matt Morgan won an election for public office on Tuesday.

Morgan, a newcomer to politics, was elected  District 4 Commissioner in Longwood, Florida, defeating his incumbent opponent Mark Weller.

With 2,101 votes counted, Morgan won the election by a 58.5% to 41.5% margin.

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Last month, Morgan explained why he was running for office.

“Enough of the citizens over the last five years have been asking me to run,” he said. “That combined with giving back to all these other cities during my career, I wanted to do it with my own city and take it where it needs to be. As a commissioner, you have an opportunity to have somewhat of a say by doing the job of listening to the people. They have gotten away from that. Not all commissioners, but my opponent for sure has.

You need a non-politician in office. That’s what we need. Someone who can keep these guys straight. Somebody whose vote can’t be bought. Someone whose vote can’t be swayed. You can have your own ideas. I’m not saying you don’t, but your job is to be the vehicle for the citizens and their opinions and see what their opinions are and then vote on their behalf. It’s the citizen’s opinions.”

Congratulations to Matt Morgan!