Naomi’s Car Broken Into During Survivor Series


Not only did Naomi’s Smackdown team lose to the Raw women’s division last night, she also had her car broken into while the PPV was going on.

She posted the following to social media recently:

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She did note her “glow” was left unstolen.

UPDATE: It appears “Elfomi” was taken during the break-in:

Heath Slater and the Ascension Have Car Broken Into Earlier This Year

Heath Slater and the Ascension also had their car broken into earlier this year. In February, Slater and the Ascension had their rental car broken into at a show in Oakland.

Just a month beforehand, AJ Styles had several belongings stolen from him while at an Arkansas live event.

That’s 5 Superstars who have had belongings stolen while working in one calendar year for WWE.