Rumor Killer On Women’s Royal Rumble


A number of WWE superstars from past and present have spoken about a possible Women’s Royal Rumble in recent times and many believe it’s the next logical step to take into the Women’s Revolution.

Since it has been a hot topic of discussion recently, a lot of people saw the recent NXT call-ups as a part of the long-term plans leading to a Women’s Rumble next year.

However, if reports from Wrestling Observer Radio are to be believed, currently there are no talks within WWE about doing a Rumble featuring only female competitors.

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Though it’s worth noting here that in the last few months the company’s decisions have been very shaky and Officials have changed a lot of their plans in last minute.

So while this is a disappointing news for fans, given the fact that there are still 2 months left for Royal Rumble, it won’t be a big surprise if the plans change and the match actually end up taking place at the event.