WWE Superstars React To Ellsworth Release On Twitter


This week saw WWE release yet another superstar from their roster, James Ellsworth.  Whether you were a fan or not, he had memorable moments and added a certain something to the company.

After making the announcement, numerous superstars added their comments to Ellsworth’s release:

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Most expect James Ellsworth to hit the independent scene as soon as possible.  He became a household name within the WWE Universe and achieved a lot in the time that he had at the company.  It’s also worth considering that this isn’t even the last time he’ll be at WWE; Ellsworth could always sign a new contract a few years down the line to return.  Popular or not, it’s a possibility.

Among all the best wishes, one WWE superstar took the opportunity to make the news a little more self-centered and build some extra heat to his in-ring persona by tweeting a special message to James Ellsworth.

However Ziggler followed this up the next day with a Throw Back Thursday tweet showing that it’s not all about him:

Many have actually speculated that Ziggler is trying to suggest that he is leaving the company soon as well.  However this is pure speculation and rumour built up around Dolph using the word “independent” in a tweet, but perhaps worth noting.