Angelina Love Reveals Her Cancelled WWE Debut In 2006


Former six-time IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion Angelina Love was recently interviewed on the Pancakes and Powerslams Show to discuss a variety of professional wrestling topics. Love discussed being pulled from her debut on SmackDown while in the crowd, and explained why she left IMPACT Wrestling. You can check out the highlights here:

Being pulled from her SmackDown Live debut while in the crowd:

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“I was literally sitting, planted in the crowd, with my debut segment on SmackDown next, and I got pulled. My segment got completely cut out, and the people I was supposed to work with went straight into a completely different storyline. In 2006, there were talks about doing something with JBL, but that never happened. Then I had gone back up to SmackDown in August of that year, to do something with Matt Hardy.

“I remember they had me [sitting] in the front row in the crowd. The first segment was Booker T, when he was King Booker, knighting Finlay and Regal. The next segment was Matt Hardy supposed to go over Psicosis or Super Crazy, he was supposed to go over one of them. I was standing there, so happy and clapping, and he would [come over] and say, ‘who’s this blonde girl?’, and eventually I would end up being his girlfriend. We’re like minutes, if not less, of my segment starting, and the guy, the floor manager who planted me, patted me on the shoulder, pulled me over and said ‘your segment got cut.’ [Eventually] I was told that as soon as the show started, Vince rewrote the whole show.”

Why she decided to leave IMPACT Wrestling:

– “Once [Davey Richards and I] had our blow-off match, the writing was on the wall, and I’m just at a point in my life where I’m a mother, I’ve been with Impact for 10 years. I saw where it was going, and it just was not something that I [was interested in]. Use me full force, because I’m worth it, or I gotta go. I know my worth.”

You can listen to Love’s interview on the Pancakes and Powerslams Show by clicking here.