Dolph Ziggler On Zack Ryder’s Weird Backstage Outfit


As noted before, Dolph Ziggler recently joined Edge and Christian for their E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness podcast where he discussed a number of wrestling related topics. Below are some more highlights from his interview:

Zack Ryder’s weird backstage outfit:

“[Ryder] is just as weird now, just so you guys know. But he wears a suit at TVs now, so I don’t know if he’s getting groomed to be like an agent or something. There’s a lot of [purple]. He has a lot of suits now! I think there’s a suit guy that goes around here, but purple is often times almost a… I’m trying to think… almost like an H&M slim fit version of a Michael Hayes costume that you’d get.”

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The recent Starrcade event:

“I walk into Starrcade and Flair is there, of course, and social media Nikki goes, ‘hey, you two guys should cut a promo! Are you ready? Okay, you do it and then he comes in.’ And I’m like, ‘what? Okay!’ So I kind of cut a Ric Flair promo in the arena in Greensboro [North Carolina], next to Flair, threw it to Flair, and then, he finished it off, and it was so cool. And then, meanwhile, I got to go out with Bobby Roode. Bobby Roode and I had plenty of time to tear it down and ‘The Enforcer’ was out there and he just did a couple subtle things that turned the crowd around.”

Having the same feeling at Starrcade as WrestleMania:

“Backstage, even before the specials guests start filling in, and [Ricky] Steamboat shows up and Rock n Roll [Express] shows up. There was already a special [feel]. In the weirdest, weirdest way, had a feel to it like a couple of hours before WrestleMania.”

How he tried to stand out after the cancelation of the Spirit Squad:

“When I was trying to get back to TV after they canceled The Spirit Squad, I go, ‘what are things that no one’s doing? Okay.’ At the time, it was really cool to be Randy Orton. And by that I mean short buzzcut, black trunks (almost Austiny), and everybody was, like, working, but everybody wanted to be tough. Everybody wanted to be straightforward. Nobody wanted to give anything. And I went, ‘how can I stand out?’ I went pink trunks, I dyed my hair blonde and grew it out. I said, ‘okay, nobody wants to do that? I’ll go above and beyond. And I started watching genuine boxing knockouts. And I would try to take where your knees buckle and apply that only to finishers, or, like, the strongest false finish of a match. At the beginning, I was kind of trying to be Mr. Perfect and do everything big. But then I go, ‘okay, hang on. Now we’ve got to make things count.'”

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Quotes via WrestlingInc