Elias Reveals His Opinion of “Drifter” Gimmick


Elias recently appeared on the Stone Cold Podcast with Steve Austin. While Elias and Austin talked a lot about music, other sports, and even blackjack, they also covered the genesis of the Elias character.

Elias revealed on the show he loves the character and has been working similar gimmicks since his time on the indies.

On Elias Character:

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“I like to think Elias is (kind of) the culmination of everything I ever wanted to be and who I ever wanted to be so I’m very happy with that.”

On previous incarnations of the character:

“I can recall at one point I was “the Frontman” Logan Shulo, I came out with a mic stand, in my mind, I was this eclectic frontman rockstar. Then as it went on I became “Heavy Metal Jesus”.

On who came up with “Heavy Metal Jesus”

“It was a guy named Michael Facade out in Pittsburgh. One time we’re training, I just looked like it, I looked like Jesus you know, and he said “Heavy Metal Jesus”, he called me that. I said that’s the coolest nickname I’ve ever heard.

Sure enough, I would do bible verses in my promos and turn water into wine.”

You can listen to the full podcast here.