Eric Young Reveals The WWE Locker Room’s Reaction To His War Games Match


Last month, NXT star Eric Young was part of the first-ever WWE branded War Games match in Houston, Texas during Survivor Series weekend. The match went over extremely well and was a pleasure to watch, and Young described the backstage reaction to the bout after its conclusion.

Young recently did a piece for ESPN in which he detailed reactions from names such as Triple H and Shawn Michaels, and you can check out what he had to say here:

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“One of the coolest moments of all was walking backstage after the match, and there’s Hunter and Michael Hayes, Shawn Michaels, Matt Bloom and a bunch of the other coaches. Pat Patterson’s there, and Michael Cole’s there. These are guys who, in the end, decide whether it was good or not — and they’re all standing there clapping. Doing a match like that, it gives you this adrenaline rush, but that moment afterward hits you in a much different, but also very meaningful, way.

“When you set something in motion and then it goes off the way you intended it to be, that feeling can’t be duplicated. Having these people that you looked up to, idolized and in some ways even feared, clapping and shaking your hand — it doesn’t get better than that professionally. That’s the mountaintop, the absolute top of what wrestling is, as far as an accomplishment goes.

“Titles are incredible, but no matter what you’re doing, having the people who you work for, who pay your salary, be standing and shaking their head and they can’t believe how good it was — that’s the ultimate”