Justin Credible Interrupts Wrestling Show While Allegedly Intoxicated (Video)


There was a lot of concern about Justin Credible when he posted an alarming video this past summer. WWE stepped in and offered him a chance to go to rehab in Tampa Bay, Florida. Credible resurfaced on social media last month and thanked WWE for getting his life back on track.

Last night, Justin Credible showed up at a show put on by Blitzkrieg Pro Wrestling in Enfield, CT. Credible rushed the ring and demanded a microphone. Credible was visibly stumbling around and slurring his words.

The wrestlers can also be heard asking whether this was a shoot or not. The promoter for the event then got involved and told Credible that he was his hero growing up and now he is a disgrace. The promoter added that he asked Credible not to show up tonight because he reeked of alcohol and is not sober, despite telling everyone that he is.

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Credible eventually left the ring, only to return a few minutes later to try and get a microphone again. He was once again denied and finally left.