Kalisto Update After Fan Attack On 205 Live: Stitches, MRI, Possible Fracture


Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Kalisto was injured at the conclusion of this week’s 205 Live broadcast when a fan threw a water bottle that struck him in the face. The incident was shown on 205 Live and several fans posted video:

Update: Kalisto’s wife issued the following statement on the incident, noting that Kalisto required several stitches as as result of the assault, underwent and MRI and has a possible fracture.

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Reaction to Kalisto Being Hit with Water Bottle

Several people have commented on the incident and the potential danger posed to performers by such actions.


31-year-old Emanuel Alejandro Rodriguez is better known to wrestling fans as Kalisto. He is a 2x United States champion and a former cruiserweight champion as well.

While Kalisto is billed as being from Mexico, he was actually born in Chicago and now lives in Orlando. He did live in Mexico City as a child for a few years, however, and became a big Lucha Libre fan during those years.