Paige Opens Up About Drug Use and WWE Suspensions


Paige recently appeared on Lillian Garcia’s podcast and opened up about her past drug use and the reason for her WWE Wellness Policy violation last year.

Paige on Her Injury Causing Depression:

“When my neck (injury) came along and I thought ‘oh my gosh I’m not going to be able to wrestle again’ and that put me in a depression. I just felt so alone and I was in so much pain from my neck.”

Paige on Addiction to Medication for Her Neck Injury

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“I was just like ‘this is fine, one more (pill) will be fine. I can do this, I’m not addicted to this pill.’ Which I’m not because I completely stopped after I got humiliated online!

I made the dumb mistake. It’s not even good, I didn’t even enjoy doing it.

It’s not me, it’s far from me.”

On Her WWE Suspensions

“It was my fault, I was very dumb. Unfortunately, I took the drug test and I popped it.
Unfortunately, I tried to cover it up a little bit. I feel very stupid, I was very embarrassed it.

The first one (suspension) that wasn’t actually from drugs, that was from not doing it (taking the test) in the allotted time, which is kind of my bad but was a confusing situation. The physical drug test I passed, but the 2nd one that was just me being stupid.”

At this point, Lillian pointed out that Paige’s drug-test failures were not just for prescription medicine even though Paige indicated as such on social media afterward.

“At that time, I was just very embarrassed and I was like “ok, I have to cover this up somehow.”

On How WWE Treated Her:

“I was just so humiliated because it was everywhere. Obviously, WWE had to cover themselves.

I was never mad at WWE for doing that, it sort of gave me the kick in the butt I needed.

They were so fantastic with me, they definitely helped me, they’re still helping me now. I get to do therapy, they are like a big family. ”

Listen to the full podcast here (drug use talks after the 1st break)