PROGRESS and Pro Wrestling: EVE Release Free Shows for the Holidays


Two of the UK’s top promotions PROGRESS and Pro Wrestling: EVE have decided to release shows online for free…just because it’s Christmas.

PROGRESS’ ‘Unboxing Live’ from 2016 is available to view via their Demand Progress service. Unboxing is an annual tradition for PROGRESS, the show has no announced matches and anyone can appear! The 2016 iteration has some massive names in the world of wrestling, including some WWE UK, New Japan and NXT stars.

Pro Wrestling: EVE has released Day 2 from their incredible ‘SHE-1’ tournament on YouTube. This show features an absolutely massive main event in Meiko Satomura vs “The Vixen of Violence” Viper (AKA Piper Niven) and is well worth a watch.

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