Rusev & Aiden English Tag-Team Name Revealed


Recently, WWE conducted a short interview with Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable regarding their Clash of Champions match. Benjamin & Gable will take on New Day, the Usos, and Aiden English & Rusev in a fatal 4-way match.

During the interview, the interviewer referred to the team of Aiden English & Rusev as “Rusev Day”.

Rusev Day defeated New Day on Smackdown and was added to the title match afterward. Benjamin & Gable seemed to have trouble comprehending the news.

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Smackdown Tag-Team Division

Smackdown’s tag-team division consists of 7 teams: the Usos, New Day, Benjamin & Gable, Rusev Day, Breezeango, the Ascension, and the Bludgeon Brothers.

Based on how they are being booked on television, it might not be long until the Bludgeon Brothers are in the title mix as well.