Terry Funk On ECW Competing With WWE, His Retirement


Wrestling Legend Terry Funk recently had an interview with WrestlingInc where he talked about a number of Wrestling Related topics. Below are some highlights from his interview:

How the original ECW’s goal was to compete with WWE:

“We had to compete, compete with the greatest there was in the business at that time, and that was in the New York office and we did more than compete, we didn’t surpass them, but we damn sure were out there, and they knew we were there.”

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The competition in wrestling industry:

“There is tremendous competition in it as to who is the best and who is on top and who is considered the superstar at any time, That’s what the great drive in the business is, when you go out in that ring and say, ‘That last guy had a g**damn match, but let’s see the son of a b***h follow this one.’ That is really the truth, that’s what makes wrestling wonderful.”

His multiple health issues and how it’s time for him to make the transition out of the business:

“I have an abdominal hernia which I tore and had operated on, and it’s not the easiest thing in the world to get over. I’m gonna go on down the road, but hopefully I can get over the damn thing. There comes a time whenever your family’s out there and they need you too, and my family needs me. I’m not gonna squeal out that this is my 23rd retirement, my real, real retirement. But you know there comes a time where you need to look to go in another direction in life, and I have entered that time. It’s been a wonderful, wonderful career. It’s been just a great run that the Lord gave me and I damn sure appreciate it and thank him for it and for him giving me the body and the ability to do what I have done for years.”