TJ Perkins Weighs In On Today’s Net Neutrality Vote


205 Live star TJ Perkins recently engaged in discussion on the impact of Net Neutrality. As you may be aware, federal regulators in the United States are expected to vote today on the Obama-era regulations that demand internet service providers keep the speed on online traffic equal and ‘net neutral.’ Eliminating the Net Neutrality protections would allow Internet Service Providers to favor certain traffic and web services over others or block services entirely.

TJ posted his thoughts on cyber bullying and how he felt that an internet that was no longer neutral would be beneficial. He posted the below tweet and was subject to a litany of responses.

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Whilst TJ may well have some valid points there was one glaring irony that he may appeared to have missed…you can see Maffew of popular web series Botchamania calling out the Cruiserweight superstar on Twitter below:

Visit for more information on how you an help protect Net Neutrality.