Torrie Wilson Reacts To XFL Return Rumors (Video)


TMZ has an interview up with former WWE star Torrie Wilson in which they discuss the rumored return of the XFL.

Torrie claimed that if there was ever a time to start up a football league, now would be the time. She mentioned that she had actually just been discussing how the NFL has been declining in viewership due to the controversy surrounding the National Anthem and players kneeling. Torrie stated that “a smart man like¬†Vince McMahon¬†would swoop in” and take some of the fans currently protesting the NFL.

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When asked wether or not she believes Vince could be successful a second time around, Torrie believes that he has learned a lot of lessons from his first failed run with the XFL and could produce a much better product than before. She also said she is all in for an XFL return and would love to be a part of it if Vince McMahon called her up.

Torrie said she’d like to be a head cheerleader or a referee – and is even willing to go to “ref school”:

“I’ll be the head cheerleader. Yeah, or ref. I could be a ref. I can go to ref school.”