UpUpDownDown Features Fifa 18 Tournament (Video)


While UpUpDownDown’s main tournament features Madden 18, an alternative tournament has been created for the other sport known as football… you know… the one that is known for using feet and balls… (can you tell I’m English?)

Anyway! All joking aside, Tyler Breeze, Finn Balor, Becky Lynch and Noam Dar make their debut in the new FIFA 18 tournament on UpUpDownDown that also introduces the appropriately named “Backflip Master” – Apollo Crews.

The first match was between Prince Pretty and Two Feet:

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While Finn Balor and Tyler Breeze produced a close 1-0 match between Manchester United and Real Madrid, Becky Lynch had to face the experienced Noam Dar as Manchester City VS Ateltico Madrid.

It’s difficult to tell whether Noam Dar is genuine in this video as he constantly looks to engage with “banter”, but it’s also difficult to not enjoy his antics.


Check out the previous final from the FIFA 17 tournament on UpUpDownDown between Neville and Rusev; they are both outrageously hilarious and worth watching just for their mockery of Austin Creed right at the beginning.