UpUpDownDown Madden & FIFA Tournament Latest (Video)


Austin Creed has continued to develop his video-game YouTube channel with the latest matches in the 2018 FIFA and Madden tournaments.  While Luke Harper showed promise in previous rounds, Kofi Kingston cemented his place in the SmackDown Live final against AJ Styles.

Early on in the match Kofi looked to get underneath the skin of Styles, who has a history of volatile outbursts.  However AJ explained that he wasn’t going to become frustrated because he was playing “one of the greatest gamers”.

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Unfortunately, AJ Styles‘ modesty did not help him.  In fact, if this were last year’s tournament, AJ would have fallen victim to the mercy rule as he trailed 24-0 at one point during the match!  To the disappointment of Kofi Kingston, no controllers were thrown, which leads me to think that AJ’s skill lies in his aggressive approach; perhaps AJ should return to his brooding heel roots that saw him reach the final of last year’s tournament.

Elsewhere, the FIFA tournament continued with Grizzle Gary taking on The Dangler…?  Or in normal terms: just Sheamus vs Fandango.

With 3/4 of the semi finalists competitors from the U.K. it seemed as though the tournament would be dominated by the Brits; but Apollo Crews had something to say about that as he took on Two Feet (Finn Balor) in the first of the semi finals.

The next matches will feature Sheamus VS Noam Dar, with the winner going on to face Apollo Crews in the final.

The final of RAW’s Madden tournament is between Curtis Axel and Jason Jordan, with a prize of facing Kofi Kingston in the grand-final.