WWE NXT Recap & Results (12/6)


NXT GM William Regal announced that the #1 contender for the NXT Championship will be determined by an 8 man tournament and two matches will be happening tonight. There will be four matches and the four winners will qualify for a Fatal 4-Way to determine the #1 contender. Killian Dain will face Trent Seven. Regal added that Kassius Ohno was supposed to face Velveteen Dream tonight in the tournament, but Dream cannot compete due to injury. Regal stated that he has found a suitable replacement for the match later tonight.

NXT Champion Andrade “Cien” Almas and Zelina Vega came down to the ring for a championship celebration. Zelina Vega instructed the crowd to rise for their champion. Almas grabbed the microphone and shouted “I told you” and then shouted “I am the new NXT Champion” to the crowd on every side of the ring. Almas then jokingly apologized for hurting Drew McIntyre and posed with the title.

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Lars Sullivan vowed to destroy Roderick Strong in their match in two weeks and advance in the tournament to determine the #1 contender for the NXT Championship.

Killian Dain vs Trent Seven (Fatal 4-Way Qualifier Match)

Dain connected with a massive Dropkick to start off the match that knocked him to the mat. Dain followed it up with a Body Slam for a one count. Seven battled back and planted Dain with a DDT. Dain hit Seven with the Divide (Crossbody) for a two count. Trent connected with the Seven Star Lariat for a two count. Dain slammed Seven to the mat and hit followed it up with a Senton and a Vader Bomb for the pinfall victory.

Trent Seven is now eliminated from the tournament and Killian Dain has advanced to the Fatal 4-Way match to determine the new #1 contender for the NXT Championship.

Winner: Killian Dain

Ruby Riott vs Sonya Deville (No Holds Barred Match)

Deville started off the match in control and planted Riott with a Gutwrench Suplex. Riott battled back and beatdown Deville in the corner. Sonya knocked Riott to the canvas and applied an Ankle Lock in the middle of the ring. Riott eventually broke the hold but clutched her leg in pain as NXT went to a commercial.

When NXT returned, Deville poked Riott in the eyes and then booted Ruby in the midsection for a two count. Deville remained on the attack and connected with a sliding knee to Riott’s back for a two count. Deville then hit a Clothesline for another two count.

The crowd chanted “Ruby!” as Deville locked in a Triangle submission hold in the middle of the ring. Ruby broke free and planted Deville with an STO. Riott elbowed Deville in the face and then connected with a springboard DDT for a two count. Deville rolled out of the ring and Riott hit her with a Suicide Dive. Riott brought Sonya back into the ring but Deville booted her in the face on the ring apron. Deville locked in a Triangle choke while Riott was hung up on the bottom rope. Riott couldn’t escape and passed out.

Winner: Sonya Deville

Ember Moon was interviewed and Moon said that she wanted to be the best NXT Women’s Champion of all-time. Billie Kay and Peyton Royce interrupted and said that Ember didn’t pin her at NXT TakeOver: WarGames. Kay and Royce then started arguing about who will face Ember Moon next week. Royce won the argument after saying she had unfinished business with Moon. Kay asked Royce not to beat up Moon too badly because she wants to finish her off.

A vignette was shown for a new Superstar coming to NXT in the near future.

Kassius Ohno vs Johnny Gargano (Fatal 4-Way Qualifier Match)

Dueling “Johnny Wrestling!” and “Kassius Ohno” were chanted throughout the crowd as the two Superstars stared at each other. Ohno extended his hand and the two shook hands before the match started. Ohno launched Gargano across the ring to start off the match. Gargano quickly got back up and hit Ohno with a Dropkick.

Gargano went for a slingshot Spear but Ohno caught him and connected with a forearm that knocked Johnny out of the ring as NXT went to a commercial break. When NXT returned, Ohno was still in control of the match. Gargano fought back for a brief moment but Kassius booted him right in the face for a two count.

Johnny escaped a Suplex attempt by Ohno and then hit a Hurricanrana off the second rope. Gargano followed it up with an Enziguri that knocked Ohno out of the ring. Kassius got back into the ring and Gargano connected with the slingshot Spear for a two count. Gargano missed with a kick and Ohno connected with a Senton. Gargano rolled to the ring apron and Ohno shouted “you’re done” at Gargano. Ohno then hit a massive kick that knocked Gargano out of the ring.

Ohno tried to flip onto Johnny outside the ring but Gargano avoided it and Kassius landed on his feet. Gargano then connected with a Tornado DDT onto the entrance ramp. The action returned to the ring and Ohno hit the Cyclone Kick but Gargano kicked out at two. Ohno lifted Gargano up onto his shoulders but Johnny escaped with a roll-up for a two count.

Ohno connected with another massive kick and followed it up with a ridiculous forearm but Gargano somehow was still able to kick out. Gargano connected with a Superkick and then hit a flying Headscissors into the Gargano Escape for the pinfall victory in a terrific match. Gargano advances to the Fatal 4-Way and Kassius Ohno is eliminated.

Winner: Johnny Gargano