Tomohiro Ishii Takes Nasty Bump at New Japan Cup


At the very least, Tomohiro Ishii walked out of Korakuen Hall sore today (March 9).

In an opening round New Japan Cup battle, Ishii took on Michael Elgin. The bout was about as hard-hitting as one could imagine going into the event. In the end, “Unbreakable” Elgin picked up the win to advance in the tournament. He’ll meet Juice Robinson, who also advanced today, on Wednesday (March 14).

The Bump

There was one spot in the match that’ll make anyone wince. With Ishii and Elgin perched on the top turnbuckle, Elgin landed the crucifix powerbomb. Ishii plopped on the canvas right on his head. You can see the spot below:

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Elgin and referee Red Shoes Umino were clearly communicating with Ishii to see if he was alright. The “Stone Pitbull” was well enough to take a buckle bomb followed by a burning hammer. After the match, Ishii sold being hurt and refused to allow Elgin or anyone else to help him back to his feet. There is no word on Ishii’s condition at this time.