Adam Coles Discusses NXT Moving To Two Hours, Whether It Is WWE’s Third Brand


NXT Champion Adam Cole has spoken about NXT becoming two hours, whether the brand will change with its move to USA Network, and if it should still be considered a developmental brand.

With NXT moving to USA Network and extending to a new two-hour time slot, WWE‘s black-and-gold ‘development brand’ are on the precipice of something fresh as they prepare to go head-to-head with All Elite Wrestling.

Speaking with Newsweek, NXT Champion Adam Cole openly discussed his brands extra hour, the move to USA Network, and whether the show can really be viewed as development any longer.

“It’s Something Our Team Is Ready For”

“It’s awesome, Cold state about the move. “I’ve said countless times that if more people got to see and experience NXT, they would be fans for life. And now we have this whole new avenue and outlet. So many new people get to check out NXT, and I’m convinced that a lot of people will watch this show on USA and go ‘I have to watch this every week’ just for the shows that we do deliver and put on. Going live on television is a lot more of a high-pressure situation, but it’s something our team is ready for.

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He explained how the talent is used to big events thanks to their experience with NXT TakeOver shows, reiterating that, more than anything, he is excited. He also doesn’t believe NXT will change dramatically, despite its extension to two hours.

“I think we’re going to continue to do what we’ve done,” he stated. “I think it’s important for what we built with this brand, delivering exciting match after exciting match, week after week and that’s the game plan. Our crew is very passionate, we know the style of wrestling that we like, and we love the energy the NXT fans bring to the table. I can tell you this: we will bring the most exciting show we can every single week. That’s most certainly is the game plan.”

Switching Brands

So with a move to USA Network, an extension to two hours, and the intention of competing with AEW‘s TNT television show is NXT really a development brand, or is it just WWE‘s third brand alongside RAW and SmackDown?

“We’ve called it this for a while, but we look at NXT as the third brand. And now I feel this move to USA just solidifies it. Instead of calling it “moved up” it’ll just be “moving.” Some guys may move to RAW or SmackDown. Some guys on RAW or SmackDown can move to NXT. To me, this move to the USA totally solidifies NXT as the third brand. I’m sure you’ll see lots of guys moving to different brands as time goes on.”

NXT debuts on USA Network on September 18th, starting at 8/7 C.