Lacey Evans Explains Where The Term ‘Nasty’ Came From


Lacey Evans has explained where her insult 'nasty' comes from.

Lacey Evans frequently calls opponents “nasty” or “nasties.” She has slung the insult at Superstars both in the ring and on social media. The term is even included on her merchandise. 

Turns out, the insult stems from her days in the military.

In an interview with Sirius XM’s Busted Open Radio, Evans revealed the background for the term. She explained how it is commonly used amongst US Marines as an insult those not pushing themselves.


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“The term ‘nasty’ came from the Marine Corp. when I was in boot camp,” she said. “It’s three months long, it’s hell, and you walk in there thinking that you are…whatever you thought you were when you walk into boot camp, you leave the complete opposite,” she explained.”

“They completely rip you down physically, mentally and emotionally, and they build you up to be a confident United States Marine. Now while you are in boot camp, you are called a nasty. […] In the Marine Corps, you’re always considered a “nasty” because you can always give so much more of yourself.”

She stated her character is the antithesis of this. Her intentions as Lacey Evans are to set a prime example, showing off what women are capable of.