Luchasaurus Talks About Comparisons Between Himself And Jungle Boy To Kane & X-Pac, Discusses “Jungle Book” Formula


All Elite Wrestling's Luchasaurus has discussed the "Jungle Book" connection between himself and Jungle Boy, as well as comparisons between their team to Kane and X-Pac.

All Elite Wrestling’s resident dinosaur-luchador, Luchasaurus, has discussed the “Jungle Book” connection between himself and Jungle Boy while speaking with press during Starrcast III. He also addressed the comparisons fans have made between their pairing to when Kane teamed with X-Pac in WWE.

Looking back on his time in ROH, NXT, and Lucha Underground, Luchasaurus spoke about only really being comfortable doing promos if he was being himself.

“I was like ‘Let me just put on the mask and be myself and see what happens,'” he explained. “And I think it’s kind of something that’s getting over with the audience. I think a lot of that has to do with Jungle Boy too, because he’s such a good babyface partner for me to have on my shoulder just kind of pantomime what I’m saying. So I kind of just wanted to be myself wearing the mask, and see where that goes, and just kind of be creative with it.”

Jungle Book Connection

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He admitted that the “formula” between himself and Jungle Boy is the same one that helped Kane and X-Pac click with fans:

“[Marco Stunt and Jungle Boy are] kind of like these little babyfaces that need to be protected by the big monster. I come in and clean up after they get beat – it’s this tested kind of thing in wrestling that I think really works. Jungle Boy is such a likeable character. Kids are gonna connect with it, and he makes me—he humanized my character really. I think he gave me the backstory without me saying anything. Because it’s just a ‘Jungle Book’ thing that connects.”

In order to make sure the dynamic between them worked, Luchasaurus actually researched Kane and X-Pac matches to replicate their connection. He added that, despite making the formulas work, AEW works at a different pace and level compared to when the former WWE Superstars were an active tag team.

H/T to Wrestlezone for the transcription.