Daniel Bryan Posts Emotional Tribute Following Death Of His Dog Josie


Daniel Bryan recently posted a heartfelt tribute to his dog Josie.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella recently lost their dog Josie. Bryan noted to his followers on social media that he recently rushed Josie to an emergency vet but she passed shortly after.

“Our family is devastated. But in this grief, I try to focus on gratitude, because our sweet Josie gave me so much,” Bryan wrote in his tribute to Josie on Instagram.

Bryan noted that Josie’s companionship helped him through some difficult times.

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“When I was going through a mental breakdown and no one else could get through to me, Josie held me together. Feeding her, walking her and playing with her gave me purpose, and her nurturing affection started healing my heart.”

Bryan’s full tribute to Josie can be read below:

The photo of Josie Bryan posted 18 hours before rushing her to the emergency vet which he references in his tribute is below:

Daniel Bryan Comments on the Amazon Rainforest Fires

Bryan also recently issued a comment on the fires burning up the Amazon rainforest in an interview with SuperLuchas:

“As someone who cares about the environment, this whole situation affects me. And it covers more than just the environmental issue, there is also the problem of all the people who live in the Amazon rainforest. They are hundreds of thousands of people, and what they want is to move them to the cities. But that’s not how things work. You know what I mean, they have been living there for longer than anyone can remember, and they want to move them to the cities and expect them to work in factories or something? It is a tragedy, and I hope that it can soon be controlled and that everyone realizes that the Amazon is a central part of the ecosystem.”