Daniel Bryan Works As Baby Face During Live Event, WWE’s Top Solved Mysteries


Daniel Bryan seems to be returning to his roots as one of the top babyfaces of WWE

Daniel Bryan has been one of the top heels of WWE in the past year but he did something unusual during the recent WWE Live Event from Manila, Philippines.

The former WWE Champion faced Kofi Kingston in the main event of the show and according to reports he came out to a big babyface reaction from the crowd and worked the match as a face.

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While Bryan lost the contest, he worked as a face for the most part of the match and raised Kofi’s hand after the fight was over. Though Daniel still did not do the famous ‘Yes!’ chants.

WWE’s Top Solved Mysteries

In light of the recent controversy surrounding Roman Reigns‘ mystery attacker, WWE recently posted a new List This episode on their YouTube channel, taking a look at the greatest solved mysteries of the company.

The video as seen below features some of the company’s most talked-about mystery storylines including Rikishi running Stone Cold Steve Austin over with a car and more:

Rowan recently revealed himself as the man behind the attacks on Roman Reigns. Latest development suggests that we are heading towards a tag team rivalry between Rowan and Luke Harper and the team of Reigns and Daniel Bryan.