Don Callis Comments On AEW vs NXT


Don Callis appeared on Konnan's podcast and spoke about AEW vs NXT.

Impact Wrestling executive Don Callis recently appeared on Konnan’s “Keepin it 100” podcast. During the conversation, he was asked by Disco Inferno about AEW and NXT. Disco Inferno implied during the conversation that AEW perhaps should have decided to go head-to-head with RAW on Monday nights.

The conversation was posted to the “Keepin it 100” YouTube channel:

Don Callis Comments on AEW and NXT Going Head To Head

“It seems like Tony Khan has wanted to make this their own thing and not make it about going after Vince, at least that’s what I think they have said publicly over and over again,” Callis said on the show after Disco suggested that AEW should have gone head-to-head with RAW. “So, if you want to do your own thing you say ‘you know what? We think people will follow us and we’ll be destination programming.”

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Callis would continue to talk about the AEW roster.

“They’ve got some wonderful talent. Our boy, Chris Jericho, is the AEW World Champion,” Callis continued. Konnan then mentioned that Callis something of a mentor to Kenny Omega.

“I think the correct term is guru more than mentor,” Callis corrected Konnan. “Spiritual advisor to Kenny.”