Information On WWE’s Current Approach To Superstar Promos


There is allegedly a movement within WWE right now to allow Superstars more freedom when it comes to their promos.

This week on RAW and SmackDown, Bayley, Sasha Banks and Rey Mysterio delivered promos to the WWE Universe. Turns out that these promos weren’t heavily scripted, as WWE has enforced in the past.

According to Dave Meltzer via the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, they were allowed to deliver their own promos utilizing bullet points. He claimed that there is a movement within WWE right now to commit to less scripted material going forward.

Bayley, Banks and Mysterio’s promos on Raw were all done without being scripted word-for-word, basically the old bullet points style and going for it,” Meltzer said. “There is a movement to try and do more of that going forward, similar to the leeway that Owens (and I believe Bryan but that hasn’t been told to me directly) get on SmackDown and why his promos, if not both of theirs, come off better than almost anyone.”

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Another successful example of this style saw Kevin Owens deliver a passionate promo against Shane McMahon. Because he wasn’t forced to read a script verbatim, the entire promo came off as being more organic and believable. His words reflected how many within the WWE Universe, and potentially even the WWE locker room, felt about the amount of time Shane was receiving versus several talented Superstars.