Joey Janela Doesn’t Want To Wrestle To A Formula, Thinks Those Who Do Are “Lazy”


Joey Janela has explained how he doesn't wrestle with move set or formula, calling those who do "lazy."

Despite being known for his penchant for hardcore wrestling, Joey Janela has explained how he doesn’t adhere to a formula.

Speaking with Bleacher Report, Janela detailed that he doesn’t “have a set move set or a formula. A lot of these guys, they get lazy,” he said. “They develop a formula which they use every match. And it makes their matches lack excitement.

He continued, “I’ve always been a good technical wrestler. I’m pretty good at adapting to my opponent. I wrestled a match with Zach Sabre Jr. a couple years ago where we went to a 30-minute time limit draw. Thirty minutes of technical wrestling. That’s the kind of match my critics are never going to watch, because they don’t want to admit I have that aspect.”

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Janela is a member of the All Elite Wrestling roster. During their recent show All Out, he participated in a Cracker Barrel Clash triple threat match alongside Jimmy Havoc and Darby Allin.

He called their match “good, harmless fun,” admitting there was some craziness involved throughout. Janela added they were within the boundaries of a PG-14 environment and, had they removed the staple gun, the match could work in a PG environment.

Joey Janela will become a full-time member of AEW when the show debuts on TNT on October 2nd.