Jon Moxley Plans To Be At Wrestle Kingdom, Reflects On G1 Climax, Juice Robinson


IWGP United States Champion Jon Moxley has reflected on his time in NJPW's G1 Climax. He also spoke on his upcoming defense against Juice Robinson, and his plans on being at Wrestle Kingdom.

IWGP United States Champion Jon Moxley recently sat down with to discuss his experience in this summer’s G1 Climax tournament. He also addressed his future King of Pro Wrestling championship rematch against Juice Robinson.

Moxley described the G1 as “probably the most difficult thing I’ve ever done” due to the intensity of the tournament. “There’s no peaks and valleys in the G1, no ‘go hard tonight, relax tomorrow’. It’s just full throttle constantly for four or five weeks.”

He named Tomohiro Ishii as his most memorable matchup during the entire tournament, recalling their match in Korakuen Hall. He called Ishii the perfect opponent for him as Moxley doesn’t like “BS, gimmicks, interference. I don’t like to mess around, I just like to go in gun slinging. Whoever’s the fastest draw, we’ll find out and see who goes down. I don’t want to think about outside interference, I just want to go straight ahead. ‘F*** it, f*** you,’ ‘F*** you too’ and just do it. That’s Ishii, so we’re just perfect opponents for each other. We just had a showcase of glorious violence.”

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Moxley was eliminated from the G1 tournament after a crucial loss to Juice Robinson. This loss also allowed Robinson the opportunity to claim a rematch against Moxley, who won the IWGP United States Championship in his debut against Juice.

Addressing their issues, Moxley said “I told the world, and I told the media. If he wants a shot at the US Championship, he gets it, but only if it’s no disqualification. I don’t want a referee in the way to save him from his fate. If he can beat me in that environment, fine. Take the championship; you deserve it. But let’s put this thing to bed, no DQ, and no ref to step in between us.”

He later added, “As United States Champion, I think I’ve gotta settle the score with Juice Robinson. Before I do anything else, that’s number one on the agenda. So let’s get an answer, sign the contract, get the plane tickets and get that out the way. After I put him in the ground, I plan on remaining US Champion.”

When it comes to long-term goals in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Moxley admitted he intends to be a part of the promotion’s Wrestle Kingdom event in January.

“100% I plan to be at the Tokyo Dome. I don’t know who I’ll be facing, whether I’m still US Champion. But I’ve been in Wrestlemania, in the G1, and this is the next step. Anyone who’s anyone in Japan has competed in the Tokyo Dome, so I absolutely plan on being there.”

Jon Moxley will defend his IWGP United States Championship against Juice Robinson at NJPW’s King of Pro-Wrestling event. The show takes place on October 14th from Ry?goku Kokugikan in Tokyo, Japan.