Kane Recalls Being Nervous During His WWE Debut


Kane reveals why he was nervous during his WWE debut in 1997

The WWE debut of Kane during the Badd Blood PPV is one of the most iconic moments of not only the Attitude Era but the history of WWE as well.

The latest WWE Untold episode dubbed That’s Gotta Be Kane! focuses on the Big Red Monster and in the episode of the Network exclusive series, Kane talks about his career in the company in detail.

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The company recently published a sneak peek of the episode on their YouTube channel and in the video; the former World Champion recalled how nervous he was during his first appearance as the brother of Undertaker:

“I was really nervous. Because this was my big break and also this is The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels and I didn’t want to mess it up. That was the first time, when I walked through the curtain, was the first time I had ever heard Kane’s music. “

Glenn Jacobs, the man behind the persona had tested a number of gimmicks in his early years of WWE which include private dentist Isaac Yankem and fake Diesel.

He finally made his debut as Kane during the first-ever Hell In a Cell match between Undertaker and Shawn Michaels at Badd Blood: In Your House PPV in October 1997.

Jacobs cost Undertaker the match after delivering a Tombstone Piledriver to the Phenom and since then, Kane has gone on to have a successful career in WWE. He has won over a dozen championships in the promotion and is considered a legend among wrestling fans.