Marko Stunt Talks About Creative Freedom In AEW, The Dynamic Of Jurassic Express


Jurassic Express' Marko Stunt has spoken about the freedom AEW affords him, as well as the dynamic between himself and the rest of Jurassic Express.

All Elite Wrestling’s Marko Stunt recently spoke with media at Starrcast III. He addressed his inclusion into Jurassic Express alongside Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus and the dynamic between them, as well as the freedom that AEW has afforded him.

“Originally, it was just supposed to be me and Jungle Boy, and then those two were already a team there,” Stunt explained. “They were an incredible team, and I just so happened to be put with them. It worked out, and I think we have a super dynamic team because we have something that nobody’s ever seen before. We have a walking dinosaur, a kid that lived in the jungle and an actual kid. How different can you get from that?”

Stunt continued, sharing that AEW has given him all the freedom that he could want.

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“I get to go out there and show everyone who Marko Stunt is. Not necessarily who they want Marko Stunt to be, but who I’ve made Marko Stunt be,” he said. “That’s an incredible place to be because it gives me so many more opportunities to learn from what I’m doing and what I could be doing. Down the road, it only goes up.”

Jurassic Express recently competed in a losing effort against SoCal Uncensored during AEW’s All Out pay-per-view on August 31st.

H/T to Wrestlezone for the transcription.