Matt Bloom Describes NXT Locker Room Reaction To TV Deal


Head trainer at the WWE PC, Matt Bloom, recently spoke to the Orlando Sentinel about NXT‘s move to the USA Network. During the interview, Bloom said that Triple H had dropped some hints leading up the announcement.

“He started dropping these hints that everybody would have to raise their game in a few weeks,” said Bloom. “A buzz definitely went through the room, and when he finally told everybody what was going on, everybody was just ecstatic.”

Bloom also spoke about the unique challenges that going live every Wednesday night will present to some on the roster.

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“There are a lot of things that our talent aren’t used to, like working through commercial breaks,” Bloom said. “We have some of the best staff in the world when it comes to putting on a live TV show, so they can help us really hammer some of the little things in practice, like cameras or promos.”

Assistant coach Sara Amato was also interviewed for the piece.

“This feels like the next logical step in the juggernaut that is NXT,” Amato said last week. “I know when it gets here on Wednesday, the energy and excitement will really hit me. For right now, though, it doesn’t feel like some big transition.”

The full interview with Matt Bloom and Sara Amato can be read here.